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In our world, the required Health-Earth-Friendly transition's essential components are Experts, Inventors, and Investors who are sincerely committed to generating sustainable solutions efficiently. Griunnum's Let's-Do-It Clubs gather these components under the same umbrella for dynamic, creative and fruitful communications, discussions and cooperation.

Are you an INVESTOR?

Please join our Investor Club

Could investment in innovative Health-Earth-Friendly ideas or companies be your passion, speciality or profession? 

In addition to your financial offer, can you add valuable features such as your experience, devotion, networks, and friendship?

Grinnum Investor Club could be the proper, easy-forward and authentic forum for those investors whose interest in their capital growth is aligned with their genuine interest in saving life and our planet.

We are proud of individuals, startups and companies who frequently approach us for funding opportunities. Still, at the same time, we are highly cautious about inventions or products we include in our case portfolio. Therefore, our portfolio is backed only by ideas, inventions or products that we have carefully assessed and approved as authentic Helath-Eart-Freindly solutions.

As a member of our Investment club and according to factors such as investors' goals, interests, preferred areas of investment and other essential preferences, we will match you with suitable investment cases. We also do the due diligence and other actions needed to help you to make the perfect decision. Grinnum and some other members of the investor clubs might co-invest and share the risk and opportunity too.

We welcome you to join our investors' club. Don't hesitate to contact us for a first talk toward fruitful cooperation. 


Please join our Inventor Club

You may have a great innovative idea or have already developed your concept into a ready-to-grow business. Then, you may need other necessary sources such as appropriate Know-how, network or investor. But what kind of sources could be your best choice? And where do you find them? Who gives you the necessary experience, passion, understanding of your sector, guidance and even friendship?

Seeking those sources could be generally time-consuming, tedious and complicated. There are also many risks and uncertainties, particularly from a global perspective. But where do you start?

To help you, we've gathered many tips and guidance from individuals who assist daily with people or companies like yours. As a result, we have built up a group of investors who can finance your business. Still, they also bring experience, passion, networks, an understanding of your sector, guidance and even friendship.

Contact us and be sure that we do our utmost to create a win-win and sustainable solution for YOU and all involved parties.

How can we Cooperate?

Please join our Facilitator Club

Some people create, while others invest in Health-Earth-Friendly ideas, innovations, products, or concepts. But often, such cases need other skills for successful and scalable business activities or companies.

For example, people with skills in management, leadership, advisory, research, administration, marketing, branding, sales, legal, design, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, supply chain, automatisation, IT applications, or Artificial intelligence could be an essential component for getting a "good" Health-Earth-Friendly idea, innovations, products, or concepts to the "great" one.

In Grinnum's Facilitator Club, we collect individuals, freelancers or companies with appropriate skills, experience, knowledge, speciality and genuine passion for facilitating various Health-Earth-Friendly cases toward growth and success.

We welcome you to join our Facilitator club. Don't hesitate to contact us for a first talk toward fruitful cooperation.

We welcome you to join our investors' club. Don't hesitate to contact us for a first talk toward fruitful cooperation.